Sunday, July 27, 2008

Giddy with Gluttony!

My friend, Julie, came home for a visit last weekend. She's only able to make it once a year, so we wanted to make it memorable!! We all piled into my van and drove down to Tunica for shopping and eating at Paula Deen's new buffett. Wow!!! If you ever go...Y'all better come hungry! We had a good time catching up with Julie, who moved to Oklahoma a few years ago and I think we certainly made her homesick for Memphis. We laughed at everything and enjoyed every morsel - sharing a little with each other too! We were especially giggly when Julie (who is less than 5ft tall) was carded at the casino entrance - hilarious!!!! It was a nite full of laughing, many photo ops, good food, and unforgettable 'girl time.' We miss you Julie!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

A sign that summer's almost over...

One more sign that summer's almost over?? Today we hosted our last "official" swim day with the kids & moms from church. We always enjoy having our friends to swim and have had some big crowds this summer. On our first official swim day we had 41 moms & kids!!! All the kids have fun in the water with their floaties, swim rings, and waterguns and, of course, the moms enjoy getting the chance to visit & lie in the sun. We just would like all our 'swim day' friends to know how much we've enjoyed hanging out with you. Y'all join us next year to "stay cool at the Williams' pool!" (I won't post any pics b/c I love my friends and I want them to continue speaking to me. haha)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My brother, Wes

Just wanted to stop at the end of this day - July 23rd - and wish my big brother a "Happy Birthday." We don't get to talk all that often because of work and just being so busy - so I enjoyed getting to talk with him as he was enjoying a dipped ice cream cone at Dari-Delite in Hartselle...yum! He's a good father and husband and works hard for his little family. He deserves a special day and he spent it with his girls. Love you Wes!!!
1979 - Wes(7), me (5), Amy (3)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The photo above was taken on the final day of VBS. We went to the church where Jake goes to preschool, so he was thrilled to be "at his school." We went with our friends Natalie & Raegan Estes - so that was fun, too! Miss Ally didn't get to attend but, of course, was along to drop off the boys and had to pose for the picture too.

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 2008

Well, we picked up Ben from camp on the 4th of July and we both felt he looked like he was another year older!!! We're still getting little details each day but most everyone we spoke to assured us that he had a blast! We were also informed that he wore his skin tight pajama pants for 2 whole days!!! Oh, to be 8 years old, right? We took Jake when we went to pick up Ben at the camp and he enjoyed hanging out with some of his buddies, too! We had a BBQ dinner, devo/worship together, viewed a slide show of pics from their week at camp, and finished off with fireworks. We want to especially thank our Youth Minister, Jim Hinkle and all his staff and Ben's cabin counselors, Russell Wiseman and Anthony Fox. It was another great memory and we look forward to many more years at SV Youth Camp!!
Ben on the climbing wall at camp
Jake hanging out w/his buddies Nate (and Caleb, not pictured)

WHAT? Get our clothes wet?
The other day, we had just been in the pool all day so I decided to give them the option of playing in the their clothes. I must have done too good a job of demanding they keep their clothes clean b/c Jake just couldn't do it! Ben tho't it was just hilarious and Ally was just a complete mess. Takes me back to the days when we played in the water hose at our house w/my brother and sister and made a complete mess of ourselves...and the yard!


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