Tuesday, May 29, 2012

joyfully gifting

I always like to do something a little unexpected for Bridal and Baby Showers...especially since I've acquired my Silhouette machine. As I've said before, walking down the aisles of Walmart, Target, & Hobby Lobby haven't been the same since! My husband even jokes that if the kids stood still long enough, I'd have vinyl labels slapped across their foreheads..ha!

One of my super-crafty friends made some glass block nightlights at Christmas in which she decoupaged some photos onto glass blocks and then installed a light inside.

Oh..how..cool! I still WANT to give this a try but then I thought about how easy it would be to 
do the same with vinyl!
Below are photos of the process...

 Start with these supplies. All of which I picked up at Hobby Lobby..each sold separately.
Glass block                                                                   Nightlight insert

Glass block holder w/nightlight holder

Here's how I set it up in my Silhouette program.

Measured the available space & found that it was approx 5"x5", so I created a rounded square & filled it with the design. For this particular project, I plan to use the NEGATIVE space.

 Design has been cut and I remove the vinyl, leaving the NEGATIVE space.
For ALL of my vinyl crafting, I use clear contact paper from the dollar store INSTEAD of the expensive transfer paper -- a neat little trick that a friend shared with me and I'm extremely grateful for that bit of info! It's saved me a TON of money and I even PREFER it to the expensive transfer stuff.
 Clear contact paper lifted it from backing, then applied to the glass block.
 Using my trusty tool (what's the name of that gadget?), I press & press until I can peel away the clear contact paper.

TA-DA!!! Congratulations to my friends Justin & Charli as they begin their journey as a married couple. This couple bought a house this past month and I think this will be a perfect addition to their new home!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

JOYfully featured!

Head on over to my friend, Nicole's super cool new blog called "Doodles and Stitches" where she features some of her 'trash to treasure' furniture projects and various sewing, crafting, and cooking ideas.  Last week, in her link party, I was the winning 'craft feature.' Click the link below to join the party!

Friday, May 11, 2012

"write" stuff

I have to admit, it's always annoyed me a little when people get all sniffly about their 4 year olds graduating from preschool. I mean, c'mon! They aren't leaving HOME or anything??!! What's with all the whining? With my older two children, I was ECSTATIC...couldn't WAIT for them to start kindergarten and watch them grow & learn. But...this past week, I became annoyed with MYSELF! My baby girl graduated from preschool and is rolling on into kindergarten in the fall and I found myself being all...sniffly...

Can you even STAND the cute-ness of this photo? (FYI...Have you tried PIC MONKEY? If you were a PICNIK user, you should visit this FREE site.  I edited the above photo at PicMonkey.) She was so excited to toss that cap that she was the very first one! That's not the only thing she's eager for...she cannot WAIT to go to kindergarten and be 'big' like her brothers. Don't misunderstand me - I was a little sad watching my boys hop out of the van in car line & march into the school, but this was the LAST preschool graduation I would sit though...the LAST year to have a child to myself 3 days a week. Just made me a little sad...PROUD...but sad.

Ok...now onto the craftiness!! I've always had my kids give their friends little treats on holidays & at the end of the school year. Ever since I got my Silhouette SD machine, I have been putting vinyl on EVERYTHING it seems and shopping at Walmart or Target is not the same anymore. Now, it seems I walk through the aisles looking for items to customize! So, when I saw these sidewalk chalk buckets at Walmart for only $1.00 -- I knew they'd be perfect little treats for her fellow preschool grads.

The font I used is called SMILEY MONSTER and you can download it HERE for free! Browse around while you're there - that site is amazing! I use this font ALL the time! I also made a tag that says "You've got the WRITE stuff. Happy Graduation"  My little grad was thrilled to gift them and they were equally happy to receive them.

As I sign off for this post, I'll share one more pic from the Williams Family LAST preschool graduation. We're so proud of you, Ally-boo! We know the Lord has great things in store for you, sweet girl. "For I know the plans I have for you...plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)

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