Sunday, May 8, 2011

joyfully back in the game

Mama is BACK in da game!! My ole laptop bulb had just worn itself out (with a little help from Cory dropping it a few years ago). So - Happy Mother's Day to me with a new laptop! Cory has been working an extraordinary amount of time at work with the Corps of Engineers and all the flooding w/the Mississippi, plus the outlying areas, that he just fessed up that he wouldn't have time to shop.  I was happy to be so easy to shop for :) I don't have any pictures loaded on this new toy or I'd post a few to catch you up (for those 5 of you who read my blog).  Here's what's been goin on since my last blog entry:
  • Ally and I started attending Bible Study Fellowship here in Memphis.  I had been looking for an in-depth Bible study for a while, but I also heard that the children are also engaged in age-appropriate study as, it's free!  While it just wrapped up last week, I certainly enjoyed getting into the Word to see what the Lord wants to speak to me.  We were studying Isaiah and in the fall will start a study of Acts of the Apostles. 
  • Ally turned 4 at the end of March and we had a blast with a Pinkalicious Party! We had a kid party in which Ally and some of her lil girl friends painted ceramic cupcakes, colored Pinkalicious pictures, and played "Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake."  Then, we had a family dinner the next evening.  She said it was the best birthday ever!
  • Both the boys are playing rec baseball again.  Ben is in the 11/12 year old league (believe it or not) and Jake is in the Coach Pitch league now.  Ben is still playing piano, so this is an added activity to his already busy schedule.  He also participated as a member of the CREW for his school's production of "Willy Wonka."  It also involved lots of rehearsals and I think this 11 y.o. is thankful for time at home! Cory is the asst coach for Jake's baseball team.  Jake is friends with EVERYONE on his team and frequently leads everyone in a cheer for the rest of the team.  He is such a social kiddo.
  • Ben will be wrapping up elementary school and going to middle school next year.  He is excited and I'm excited FOR him, but I hope he will be able to maintain his positive, happy-go-lucky attitude! Love that kid...
  • I turned 37 at the end of April and Cory got a new little crafting toy for me.  It's called a Silhouette SD and it's a vinyl cutter similar to a Cricut machine.  Here's a photo and some of the projects I've seen out there (again, no pics loaded on my new laptop yet; will post some later):

These, of course, are just SOME of the pics of projects out there online.  I've been making LOTS of personalized water bottles, buckets, vinyl shopping bags for teacher gifts...WHAT FUN!

  • Cory has been working a ton of hours lately since the flooding around here started.  He is chief of his department, so that means he doesn't have to travel AS MUCH, but it means longer hours when he's home.  We ALL miss him when he's gone :) Thankful that he's the one out there fighting the floods, though.

Well...that's about it.  I'm sure I've left something very important out of the summary, but I'll have to do more catching up later! 



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