Friday, August 29, 2008

Ben's Job Chart

Started a job chart for Ben, giving him 10cents for each task....making his bed each morning, general housework, Bible memory work, and bringing home that assignment book. Who knew 10cents could add up so quickly. It's turning into a really good lesson on adding money!

Memphis Redbirds game with the Lees

Here are a few pics from our night at the Redbirds game with The Lees - Bill, Stephanie, Savannah, & William. With Jake & Ally at my parents' house, it was just Cory, Ben, and me. We tagged along with The Lees who had 'suite' tickets with Bill's work. Wow - Swanky!!! It was a fun nite - and the Redbirds won!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My middle child, Jake

Oh, to be the kid in the middle of all this...Poor Jakey just doesn't get photographed as much as his big brother who was an only child for a while and his little sister who has grown up in the 'digital age' when we're snapping pics all the time! So, tho't I'd share a few of his very cute & quirky moments. Cory and I have commented to each other lately at how fun he is to be around. He thinks EVERYTHING Cory says is funny (yeah, that used to me too - hehe). And his irresistable moments are those when he surprises me with a "I love you, Mommy" out of nowhere, NEVER forgetting to say "Thank You," and just being so excited all the time to be Ally's big brother, kissing & hugging her. So - here are a few "Jake" moments...

The peppers that Jake asked Cory to plant in our garden that are 'for his teachers'. So, if you're one of Jake's teachers - church or school - hope you like banana peppers!! He's so proud!

Jake is just not the TV watcher that Ben was (and still is). Left on his own, he finds all sorts of things to do & busy himself with. Found Jake like this just yesterday. Sitting on top of the folded treadmill in the sunroom, with this red bucket on his head. I said, "Why are you wearing that red bucket on your head?" He said, "Cuz I like it." What better reason than that?

YAY! Jake is finally eating pancakes! If you've been around us during ANY time we eat - you'll hear this a lot - "Jake....EAT!" This boy has no desire to eat when it's TIME to eat. We've really struggled w/breakfast b/c all he seems to want is Pop-Tarts or honey buns - which he gets at the grandparents' houses. So, he decided he'd try eating pancakes, like Ben has every morning for the past 4 years!!!! He likes them and has decided to call them "Ben-cakes." He wants so bad to "be the size of Ben."

Hangin' out at the Mall

Well, here I am - mother of 3 - and the phrase "Hangin out at the mall" has a whole new meaning. I took Jake & Ally to the mall yesterday around 1:00 - giving us just enough time to eat, walk thru ONE store for me, play in the play area, and visit the Disney store (with no purchases - yay!) - THEN go hop in the 'car rider line' to pick up Ben. It was crazy - but a 'good' crazy - See for youself...

King of the...caterpillar?

Ally wore this slide OUT!!!

PARENTS' NIGHT AT BEN'S SCHOOL...We had the Parents' Meeting w/Ben's teacher tonight. We first met in the cafeteria w/all the other 3rd & 4th grade parents for a short, informative meeting. They mainly wanted to show us what the fundraisers will purchase this year - something called 'clickers.' They are like a little remote for each kid to use in answering teacher's questions. We got to play with them - don't know HOW they'll ever get anything done, keeping the kids from playing with them. Anyway, then we went to Ben's class, sat at his desk, and listened to his teacher introduce herself and give us more info. She's really a 'no-nonsense' kind of teacher - but she admits that her life is her kinda lady! I volunteered to help as room parent again - will have to wait to hear from the teacher. One thing she said that sums up the whole year is "No more baby work!" I can't believe it - but it's time! Good luck to everyone with school this year!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

MySpace Graphics

So, not much going on here...Decided to participate in the clothing sale at Sycamore View this year. I've always purchased, never sold - wow, what a process! After washing, pressing, sorting, and labeling 100 items, I was having Cory help me bring them downstairs and the clothing rack broke!! I truly could've cried! I'm getting these clothes outta the house 2nite! Let's hope I come back with fewer clothes than I'm trying to get out of here (heehee).

I feel like I should come to Ben's teacher's defense - we were misinformed about the 'no homework' policy - That was for LAST week! Of course she gives homework - starting tonite! Sorry Ms. Reid!!!

My sister & baby Mason seem to be doing well, from the info I get in each phone call. I haven't seen them since we left them last Sunday, but hope to get to go on Labor Day weekend. I feel another slideshow coming on...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today is Cory's birthday...the Big 3-5!!! No big plans, as he is not the 'partier' that we are on our birthdays! The kids are likely more excited than he. What do you get the man who never claims to want anything? A big ole TV!!! Just a coincidence, but our 12 year old, 36 inch tube TV went out a few weeks ago and we've been watching our 9-inch bedroom TV in the den...enough's enough! So, Cory ordered himself a new one - a 46-incher!!! In the true fashion of keepsaking, we'll make sure to take a picture of him with his new prize possession. Happy Birthday, Cory!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This was too cute to not pass along...
Jake's been watching a little too much PBS and, today, has been trying to spell out words he hears. Today I asked what he wanted for lunch and he said, "D-O-K-V...Chips & a sandwich." Oh, how I love bein' a Mommy!

No Homework?
Ben has shared very little info about his new teacher and 3rd grade class (you KNOW he does NOT take after his mother in this way), but he didn't forget to mention that his teacher said she does NOT give homework. We'll see what that means, but for now, he's thrilled! Ben was all smiles walking to the van after school on Monday (picture below). Make sure to take notice of his "3rd grade shoes," which he's learned to tie all by himself. We battled over buying shoes w/laces because he was dying for some kind of shoes that blow air every time you walk (some of you mothers know what I'm talking about). We opted for the REGULAR kinda shoes and he likes them and said, "My feet don't even get hot." I'm relieved, aren't you?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Michael & Amy Allen announce the birth of their son
August 7, 2008
9 lbs, 13 oz, 21 in long -- WHEW!!!

Things NEVER get to happen they way they're planned do they? Amy was scheduled for induction this morning at 7am and wouldn't you know it...her water broke AT HOME at 4am!!!! I know they were probably very excited, but anxious, as they have an hour to drive into Jackson to the hospital. Anyway, it's about 8am now and Mom just called to let me know that they were there and what had happened. She's already had an epidural and another funny thing - my roommate from College, Lori Simons, is her Labor & Delivery nurse - how exciting!!! We'll certainly keep you posted and give details as they come. Say a prayer for Amy, Michael, and Baby Mason today.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Just a 'snapshot' of what goes on in our pool. Ally just HAD to try those goggles like her brothers. Don't you know as soon as the picture was taken, those came off very quickly. Don't let her size fool you - Even at 16mos old, as long as she has those floaties on, she can go just about anywhere those boys can.

Also, we got Ben registered for the THIRD GRADE today...Can you believe it? He is very excited and even got to meet his 3rd grade teacher. He approached her with a handshake - my, he's growing up!

CHUCK E. CHEESE's - "Where a Kid can be a Kid"... And 'moms' can talk?
Yesterday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese with some of our friends - Stephanie, Savannah, & William Lee - for our last hoorah before school starts. The kids beg everytime we pass the place and tho't we'd give in...this once. On the way there, I'm explaining that they should stay where I can see them and not talk to strangers, etc. I said to Jake that maybe he should stay with me. He knew that we were meeting "Ms. Stessany" and he said, "No, you moms have to talk." Meaning, he didn't want me following him around. Yikes - My kid knows me too well. Well, we all had a good time, but Stephanie & I agreed that we could NEVER have that job of waiting for the kids to decide what to spend their tickets on...aaagh!


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