Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Williams Wednesday - 50's day

Today is the 50th Day of! The boys' school celebrated with a 50's day and sock hop after school (pics coming). The boys TOTALLY got into character! Also, added a pic of Ally. Some days she's just too cute for pictures are best. Happy Fall, Y'all!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Williams Wednesday

The kids had a 2-day Fall Break this week. We went to the new exhibit at the Memphis Zoo called "Teton Trek." This is the lodge behind the kids in the picture above. Huge, huh? It was enormous, but no animals were out. We spent a lot of our time with the polar bears & sea lions. They were very playful w/the kids (behind the glass). It was a good day out of the house in the midst of all this rain.
Happy Fall, Y'all!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Williams Little Wonders

Ally counts to 10!!! Our little 2 year old surprised us and, out of nowhere started counting to 10! We have video, but am having trouble of loading it onto the blog. Will try later. With all the "counting to three" we do around here, it's a wonder she made it past three! Yay, Ally-girl!

Jake's Ocean Diarama - This little boy could not WAIT to get started on his first school project. It was assigned on a Monday, due the next Monday and finally, with materials ready, we got started and boy, was he full of ideas! We finished and he said, "Now, take my picture!" Doesn't he look proud?


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