Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year from The Williams!

Christmas came & went like a flash, but with many blessings this year! We spent lots of time with family -- having both Wes & Amy's families here, along w/Mom & Dad for a Christmas get-together; also heading to Hartselle to spend some time with Grandaddy and Joyce; Christmas Eve with Cory's family; Christmas Day with Cory's parents for lunch; then both families were here (some, anyway) for a small piano recital for Ben on Christmas Day. The boys also had a combined birthday party at Pump It Up this year, but will also have family dinners at home to celebrate. Ben turned 10 in November and Jake will be turning 6 in! Many blessings to you ALL and your families during the coming year!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Williams Wednesday


Kids with our new kitten, Oreo. Here's hoping the THIRD time's a charm!

Open House at the boys' school - This is in Jake's kindergarten class; Ben just in from basketball practice. No, Ally isn't sucking her thumb, just being bashful b/c everyone was telling her how cute she was ;) Next stop was his classroom, but he wasn't "up" for us photographing him at his desk :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ben is 10!

TEN years with BEN! God has blessed us beyond measure since this little soul came into our lives. There is no doubt that God gives us children to teach us lessons on love, humility, selflessness..the list is endless. We thank God for you everyday, Ben. So proud of the young man he is becoming. Here's looking forward to TEN more..and many more!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Williams Wednesday

We have a new kitten! *Sigh* YES...this is the 3rd one in a year! 3rd one's a charm, right? If you're not sure what I'm referring to, when I say, "3rd one in a year," I don't mean that we now have 3 cats, I mean this is the 3rd attempt at owning a cat. This one is a male and is the most affectionate lil' thing! His name is "Oreo" - appropriately named b/c of his black & white coat. The kids just love him. Hope he's here to stay! Fingers (and paws) crossed!

Ben and Jake with "Oreo"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Williams Wednesday - 50's day

Today is the 50th Day of! The boys' school celebrated with a 50's day and sock hop after school (pics coming). The boys TOTALLY got into character! Also, added a pic of Ally. Some days she's just too cute for pictures are best. Happy Fall, Y'all!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Williams Wednesday

The kids had a 2-day Fall Break this week. We went to the new exhibit at the Memphis Zoo called "Teton Trek." This is the lodge behind the kids in the picture above. Huge, huh? It was enormous, but no animals were out. We spent a lot of our time with the polar bears & sea lions. They were very playful w/the kids (behind the glass). It was a good day out of the house in the midst of all this rain.
Happy Fall, Y'all!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Williams Little Wonders

Ally counts to 10!!! Our little 2 year old surprised us and, out of nowhere started counting to 10! We have video, but am having trouble of loading it onto the blog. Will try later. With all the "counting to three" we do around here, it's a wonder she made it past three! Yay, Ally-girl!

Jake's Ocean Diarama - This little boy could not WAIT to get started on his first school project. It was assigned on a Monday, due the next Monday and finally, with materials ready, we got started and boy, was he full of ideas! We finished and he said, "Now, take my picture!" Doesn't he look proud?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Williams Wednesday 9/23/09

Starting a Bible study at church tonight using this book. A friend recommended this a while back and it's made me so aware of what the media teaches young girls about their "worth." I've been reading this book and..YES..I'm aware that Ally is only TWO! But I want to be able to have purposeful discussions with her as she grows to help her learn the TRUTH. I'm hoping to learn so much from the other moms in the class.
Also, say a quick prayer for my friends Nancy and Candice. Nancy is in recovery after a surgery almost 3 weeks ago to remove some tumors that turned out NOT to be malignant. Praise God for the good news, but she has endured a long recovery and is still in the hospital. Candice, my longtime friend from Hartselle, has flown to L.A. to have a cyst removed from her spinal cord, on the base of her brain. She has endured months of peculiar symptoms..dizziness, facial numbness, pressure in face & sinuses..and now, after surgery, all is gone! Just having some post-op nausea. They will fly back to Memphis on Sunday night, spent the night w/us, then head back to Alabama. Not quite the "catch up" visit I usually enjoy w/her, but just keep her in your prayers.
Love and hugs to all!
God is good!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Williams Wednesday

Events of this week:

Ally began potty training ON HER OWN while visiting Nannie's on Monday - promptly went out & bought "big girl" underwear for her. The boys couldn't figure out why we were making such a big deal. They've obviously never changed a diaper.

We entered Ben's cabbage into the Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program contest, with the help of his 4th grade teacher, Ms. Spain. Click the link below & it should take you to the photo gallery of the contest. He is "Ben-TN." He was so excited and amazed at the other entries. Good luck, Ben!

Jake? Well..Jake is just still having fun EVERY DAY drawing and writing. This morning, he took so long getting ready b/c he kept thinking of words that start with "M." He would go into the bathroom and come right back out, "oh..Mom!" and "" and "!" and I said, "And..move it!"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wacky Wednesday 9/09/09

How is it possible that our little girl is getting so big? Ally started Mother's Day Out today and is in the "Older 2's - Bears" class. She was so proud to go to her "sass" (class) today. Her teachers said she had a good time making new friends and she even took a nap! In fact, if you ask Ally, "What did you do at school today?" Her response will be, "seep" (sleep) - I guess that was her last memory of what she did. Anyway, I think we'll go back next week ;)

Also, here's Jake and his new obsession..artwork. I took these pictures on Saturday - him right in the middle of about 20 sheets of drawings. If you could only see our house - Whatever he draws..THEN he wants to cut it out! Patience...patience...I know - a budding artist at work! By the way - want to hear a kindergartener's perspective on Pres. Obama's speech today? Jake said "Try your best." From the mouths of babes...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boys, Bullfrogs, and "No More Babies"

Here's a picture of the boys' latest "treasure" that they found in the pool. Well, actually Cory found it while cleaning the pool. They later released it into the lake at the park. Don't they look thrilled? Notice how Jake is BARELY touching that ole' thing - hehe.

This is the picture of a true "paci" addict! But the pacis are gone..."pacis are for babies" - Or that's what we're telling Ally. We talked for a day or so about how pacis are for babies and we might need to give them the pacis. We had just visited a friend in the hospital w/a new baby (Baby Noah) and all she has talked about it seeing the babies. So - one night, we rounded 'em up in an old wipes box. We just can't believe how willingly she cooperated. She's had a little trouble settling herself down at naptime and night-time, but we're managing. She's such a "big girl" - or so she's telling US!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School Boys

Here are the much-requested "Back to School" pics. Ben is starting the 4th grade and...believe it or not...our Jakey is in Kindergarten! He's so proud to be at school with his brother. We're just so proud of both of them. Now, trying to decide what to do with only ONE child at home..haha. Ally will start Mother's Day Out soon, but will only go one day each week. Wishing everyone the best in this new school year!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Williams Family Beach Trip

Went to Pensacola Beach last weekend with Cory's parents and brother's family. It's a long trip down there, but we always enjoy our time together! Just wanted to share a few highlight pics :)


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