Friday, December 16, 2011

Williams Family Christmas Card

Joy Love Family Christmas
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joy of the holidays

The busy-ness of the holidays is upon us, so that's the excuse I'm going with on why it's taken me so long to post. Sickness has hit out house a time or two, but I've come to realize that maybe that's just God's way of saying "SLOOOOW DOWWWWN!" I always get so much done when someone or some-THING makes me stay put at home.  Here's some of the crafting, sewing, & photography I've been up to.
melamine tray from Target $5 - personalized w/vinyl using my Silhouette machine...LOVE!

Would you believe I've had this fabric for almost a YEAR? It's flannel, tho - Didn't wanna make it until she could wear it.  Doesn't Miss A look like she loves it?

 My babies - maybe I'm prejudice, but I think they're pretty neat.  They bring their Daddy and me such happiness, life, and completion.  Thank you, Lord, for our little blessings.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

happy birthday ben

We celebrated our Ben's 12th Birthday last night with family. A friend of mine and I had a little portrait session.  Below are the photos that I took.  I'm not quite the professional yet, but please feel free to check out the pics that my professional BFF photographer took at Faydra Foster Photography

The photos I took were edited with Serif photo and Picnik.  So fun! I also created the invitation with Serif photo.  I've asked Santa Claus to bring Photoshop in his goodie bag, so I might have a new toy to keep me busy after Christmas :)

Ben is both a blessing and a joy to our family.  He is always kind and considerate...maybe not ALWAYS with his brother & sister, though..ha!  Couldn't resist a blast from the past and posting a picture of Ben as a toddler. Love how he's 'clutching' one of his Thomas trains. Seems like it was...5 minutes ago.

We are so excited to see how the Lord is going to work through this amazing young fella! 
We pray that you will always know that we love you and God loves you.
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

photo card...oh JOY!

Joy Love Family Christmas
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Monday, November 14, 2011

joy of fall

Happy Fall from our soon to be 12 year old!

Linking up at I Heart Faces in their "Autumn Splendor" photo contest.  Check out all the beautiful entries here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

disney...oh joy

We are leaving for Disney World TOMORROW!

While I cannot wait to see the excitement on my kids' faces...and hubby's too...I'm so dreading the long drive. We are stocked up with LOTS of dvds, books, & coloring books.  But, to be proactive, I have been OBSESSED lately with finding helpful hints on making travel easier. I found one idea that I'm DEFINITELY putting to use:

Road trip clips: One clip for each kid.... If they are sweet, clip stays up, if they are not, clip comes down. Everyone with a clip on the visor gets a treat at the next stop :-) love this idea!!! Will totally be doing this

Lots of other ideas, but no time to post.  Gotta get back to packing!

Monday, October 3, 2011

joy in a dollar bin

Lookie what I found in the $1 bins at Target!!!

Ally's bucket is actually hot pink, but you get the idea. Designs were already on there, just added the names with my sassy lil machine (Silhouette SD). 


Friday, September 30, 2011

picniking joy

Have you been to PICNIK?

PICNIK is a *FREE* online photo editing site. For a photography novice like me, who hasn't dropped the chunk o'change on Photoshop, it gives me just enough ability to do little creative effects that I want to do. Look at the photos below...

-- BEFORE --

-- AFTER --
(1960's "vintage" with rounded corners & soft focus)

See?? Just enough...My sweet niece loves purple. Happy Birthday to her!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

disney, vinyl, & chores..oh joy!

Guess who's getting excited around here?
My hubby and I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary in June and decided it was about time to take our lil munchkins to DisneyWorld.  I tried & tried to come up with some creative way to tell them and just put too much pressure on myself.  So, we all sat down to 'family movie night' with a surprise dvd and instead just popped in the DVD planning guide and went from there.  Their reactions were a bit delayed and sporatic, but definitely became more excited as they watched the dvd.  The lil princess and I will have breakfast one morning while there with all the Disney princesses and she can talk of nothing else.  I know that we will have such a wonderful time, but BOY is there a lot of planning and preparation involved.  Here are some of the projects I've been working on...

"Treasure" Buckets - Many of our friends have suggested buying lil trinkets, gifts, or toys for the kids PRIOR to the trip, then surprising them with some little souvenir each day INSTEAD of buying the over-priced treasures inside the park.  Shopping? No problem! These are the buckets I'll take to put their treasures in each day. I also like to make little goody bags for long road trips & fill them with snacks, gum, & bottled water or juice. These will come in handy for that as well.

We've also been well-advised to bring water bottles inside the park.  Why not have some personalized ones for me & my old man? The kids have some character themed water bottles that I've already purchased, so had to "Disney-up" some for us.

I realize that the kids will still want to take a little spending money, so here's a new system we've instituted in our house for getting paid for chores and so far, they are knocking each other down to see who can do the next chore around here:
The system is easy. The large jar holds the marbles & each time they do a job, they drop one in.  We just started this morning, so that's why they're pretty much empty.  We haven't come up w/a dollar amount for EACH marble or set of marbles, but they don't seem to care about that yet.  Also, when one of them does something...uhm...less than favorable, a marble can be put BACK into the large jar. 

I read the article in an issue of Family Fun magazine YEARS ago and it just stuck with me.  There are lots of variations out there, just google "chore jar with marbles" and take off! One of my favorite blogs Living Locurto, even offers a free printable for the reward jar! Also, you can find lots of ideas on PINTEREST!!! I just can't say enough about it.  As I've been typing this blog entry, my 4 year old has made up her bed BY HERSELF for the first time AND cleaned her room.  No's spotless! Let's hope the enthusiasm continues.  Have a blessed day!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

joyful preschooler

Aaaaaand she's OFF! This little one could not WAIT for preschool to start! With her brothers already having been in school for a month, she was counting the days. Really - we made a paper chain & she tore off a link for every day leading up to her first day.  I only wish my middle schooler could be this happy about school...ha!

I made her shirt with the heat transfer material on my Silhouette SD.  Lovin this sassy lil machine!

And this "simple skirt" is my new FAVORITE and NECESSARY quick pattern.
Found it here. Banged out 3 whole outfits in about 2 hours this weekend...BAM!

There she to make new friends and learn new things.  I expect any day now she'll be setting up her classroom with all her dolls & teaching them too!

My husband calls these "bribery" but I call them "Happy First Day of School" treats :)
Also made with my Silhouette SD using the adhesive vinyl found here.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

joyful bama girl

ROOOOOOLL TIDE..ROLL! I'm a BAMA girl...could you guess that? I grew up in North Alabama and football is, important as God and family..ha! I had to come up with some door decor to show my BAMA PRIDE! Saw these on ETSY and had to try it myself. Did you know you can PAINT burlap???? Oh my..the possibilities are endless.

NON-PICTORIAL TUTORIAL (haha..say that 3 times):  Cut 2 pcs of burlap in the shape that you want, sew together, leaving an opening (like stuffing a pillow). Then stuff like crazy with all those plastic grocery sacks that you have filling up the floor of your pantry (oh..don't you have that problem?). Sew opening closed, then spray paint the whole thing.  Once dry, use an artist brush to detail your project.  I copied some that I found on ETSY and Pinterest. Once your details are dry, finish w/clear polyeurathane to make it stiff & protected.  I cannot WAIT to make some other an owl or a LEGO man head.  Can you tell what my kids' parties are going to be? Also, a big ole polka dotted Christmas ornament would be adorable!!

Also, because I had a little burlap lying around, made a garden flag to go next to the front door.  Who doesn't love burlap? ROLL TIDE!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

joyful in little things

Finding JOY in the little things...
Helping my girl prepare for preschool.
(dry erase boards from $1 bins at Target...score!)

And watching her eat the fruits of her labor.

JOYFUL about what I'm working up with these...

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