Monday, October 27, 2008

We LOOOOVE Fall!!!

SVCC Trunk & Treat - Ben was a vampire, Jake was "Woody" from "Toy Story" and Ally was the cutest lil cowgirl. Nannie & Papa joined us, too!

FALL PARTY AT THE FOSTERS - We had a fun fall get-together with our SV LifeGroup at Brodie Foster's parents' house in Oakland. We had a hayride & moon bounce and roasted marshmallows/hot dogs -- Thank you to the Fosters!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Nothing of major importance today, just wanted to ask this question: "How many questions can a 4 year old possibly ask in a 24 hour period????" Jake has become the MOST inquisitive child we've ever met! Yesterday, as we were driving down the road, he was begging me to look at some of the Halloween decorations in the yards we were passing. I said, "Jake, I have to watch where I'm driving or I might hit someone or something!" He must have accepted that as an answer, because he got quiet...momentarily. THEN, I pointed out some decorations I saw and he was quick to say, "Mommy, why you not looking? Did we hit someone?" Oh...I know I'll cherish these moments ONE DAY. Have a Wacky Wednesday!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to Life...Back to Reality

Well, the vacation is definitely over but it was absolutely worth the trip. Up to 9 hours in a vehicle with your closest family members...what a memory! The kids had an absolute blast with one another. I will try to post more pics once I'm finished editing, but this was the favorite of the trip. In the photo: Cory's parents (Ken & Wanda Williams), Cory's brother's family: (Kevin & Keresa Williams and Savannah, Simone, & Brody), and our family (Cory, me, Ben, Jake, & Ally).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pensacola - Day 2!!

Day 2 at the beach and we're not looking forward to going home yet. Cory and Ben went out first thing (as soon as it warmed up) and boogie boarded - until they saw a jellyfish - Ben was completely freaked out and wanted nothing else to do with it. The kids were in and out of the pool and beach and having a great time with their cousins. We ate at a fun seafood place called Peg Leg Pete's - good food, fun atmosphere - it was great! Now, if someone could only tell my children that we're on vacation and you MUST sleep past 6am!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trip to Pensacola - Day One

We made it to the beach! We're traveling with Cory's parents and his brother's family (also 3 kids). We've made it down to the pool and a VERY quick to the beach. We'll be posting more pics later, just too tired tonite. With love from Pensacola - Cory, Joy, and kiddos

Friday, October 10, 2008

Off to the Beach!

Happy Fall Break, Ya'll!!! We are packing up the van full of stuff and 800 people and heading to Pensacola, FL in the morning. Haha - not 800 people...only 8! We are going with Cory's parents and Cory's brother's family as well. They have 3 kids too - Savannah, Simone, & Brody. We're so excited for the kids to be together and make this memory! We'll be there through Tuesday (kids are out Monday & Tuesday). I'll be taking my laptop with me so check back with us - I might post some pics while we're there. Pray for our entire family - safety, health, and happiness.

Just a chuckle...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

College Buddies Reunion

Met up with my buddies from college on Monday - Lori, Amy, and Hef (Michelle). Sadly, it's been almost TWO years since we were all able to get together and this time all we could muster was ONE WHOLE DAY of shopping together in Nashville. But, as you can see from the photos, we still made the most of it. Meanwhile, Jake and Ally hung out at Mom & Dad's and Ben stayed at home with Cory.
Mom and Amy & Mason are coming for a visit tomorrow and we're gonna take Mason for his first portraits. He's almost 8 weeks old, so we won't be counting on any big grins, but hopefully will get some precious shots of "little Michael."

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Miss Priss gets first spongerolling

First time sponge-rolling Ally's hair. Trying to "get pretty" for church. She was very good & stayed occupied watching TV on my bed. When we were finished, I showed her in the mirror and she just giggled, then handed me the bottle of hairspray. Oh, I've created a monster (an 80's girl monster, that is). As of now, she's sleeping in them - will post pics of the "after" shot later.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hartselle Trip

Trip to Hartselle

We traveled to Hartselle a few weekends ago for a Baby Shower for Amy & Mason that her high school buddies threw for her. While we were down that way, we visited w/my college buddy, Amy Lyons and also old friends - John, Candice, & Cody Jacobs. John & Candice were brave enough to let us stay w/them and we ALL enjoyed ourselves. The boys spent the day at my brother's house, hanging out with his girls. Ally and I went to the shower then spent a little family time with Wes & the girls (Jennifer was out of town), Mom & Dad, Amy & Mason, and my whole crew. We spent the nite w/Grandaddy & Joyce...again - you're brave souls! Ally was awake most of the nite starting a fever virus, so wasn't feeling well when we visited our home church, Hartselle Church of Christ. Enjoyed a lunch with the family at Grandaddy's, and packed up to drive home!!! And to think I even ENCOURAGED Cory to stay at home! No really, it was a fun trip - It's always good to go home!

Simone's 3rd Birthday

Pictures from our niece's birthday party -- Little "Simoney's" Buggy Birthday Party. We made styrofoam ladybugs, "hunted" for buggies, and enjoyed yummy birthday cake out at the park. It was a fun day!!! (And I ended the party with almost swallowing THREE bees that had flown into my canned drink...AAAAAAGH!!!!)

Here are the 3 Williams' Girls...Savannah, Ally, & Simone

Jake is proudly showing his ladybug

Cory's dad - Pop - and Ally

Don't tell Ben this is for 3 year olds :)

Happy Birthday, Dear Simone...

Little Brody - not botherin' anyone

Cory and Ally

My HTCI Girls

I've gotta back up and fill you in on a book club/Bible class that I'm doing on Wednesday nites at church. We've all know how hard it is to get yourself to church on Wed. nites and my friends and I were missing our "girl" time too! So, we're trying to do both with this book/Bible study on Wednesday nites. I found this book called, The House That Cleans Itself - but I'm telling you IT FOUND ME!!! It's more about decluttering and making your house manageable so you aren't spending so much time picking up and cleaning. Sounds great huh? Anyway, I read the book before presenting it to my girlfriends and enjoyed it so much that I contacted the author. (I know, I'm such a suck up). Anyway, she returned my email and was so thrilled that she says she wants to use us as a test group for her next book in the series AND she wants to feature us on her blog: - I was toooo excited and so are the rest of my HTCI girls! Below is an image of the book and a photo of our 1st book club mtg. together that I sent to the author. I apologize to some of my other HTCI girls that weren't there on the 1st nite to be included in this photo...more to come!!! The author, Mindy Starns Clark, is a former singer & comedian. When I sent this photo, she said we were a bunch of "hot mamas" - I will just HAVE to agree!!! I love my girls!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back in Bizness!

Wooo Hooo!!! Thanks to my hubby for fixing my beloved laptop!!! Oh, how pitiful I was without and how pitiful it was that EVERYONE felt so bad for Cory - phooey on you all!!! Haha - Anyway, it's 11pm now and I SHOULD be in bed, but just HAD to let you know that all is well and I can be "JOYful" again. :)

Laptop part came today!!!

YIPPEE!!!! The part we've been waiting on to fix my laptop came in the mail today! Sooooo, we might be back in business tomorrow. Ya'll pray for Cory and his "Mr. Fix It" hands. Coming soon....
* Pics from our trip to Alabama
* Pics from our niece, Simone's, 3rd birthday


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