Friday, October 3, 2008

My HTCI Girls

I've gotta back up and fill you in on a book club/Bible class that I'm doing on Wednesday nites at church. We've all know how hard it is to get yourself to church on Wed. nites and my friends and I were missing our "girl" time too! So, we're trying to do both with this book/Bible study on Wednesday nites. I found this book called, The House That Cleans Itself - but I'm telling you IT FOUND ME!!! It's more about decluttering and making your house manageable so you aren't spending so much time picking up and cleaning. Sounds great huh? Anyway, I read the book before presenting it to my girlfriends and enjoyed it so much that I contacted the author. (I know, I'm such a suck up). Anyway, she returned my email and was so thrilled that she says she wants to use us as a test group for her next book in the series AND she wants to feature us on her blog: - I was toooo excited and so are the rest of my HTCI girls! Below is an image of the book and a photo of our 1st book club mtg. together that I sent to the author. I apologize to some of my other HTCI girls that weren't there on the 1st nite to be included in this photo...more to come!!! The author, Mindy Starns Clark, is a former singer & comedian. When I sent this photo, she said we were a bunch of "hot mamas" - I will just HAVE to agree!!! I love my girls!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is so neat, Joy! It is great that you organized this. :-)


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