Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Woeful Wednesday

Yesterday was a terrible, horrrible, no good, very bad day...

I was hurriedly leaving the garage to pick up all the kids from MDO and school and ran over our cat, Keiki, with the van. If you've ever had a pet that you and your children have adored, you can imagine my horror when I discovered what I had done. I called Cory in a screaming, blubbering mess and he came on home so he'd be here to help me tell the kids. When we got back, Cory was in the garage waiting for us and when the boys went to Keiki's bed looking for her, Cory said, "Boys, come inside we've gotta talk." They were completely confused and when we told them that she had run underneath the car and died, they both came unglued. Jake wailed and cried and Ben cried quietly. I just felt horrible feeling like I was the one who did this to them. I know..I know..accidents happen. Just hate that it happened to THIS cat. She loved these kids. She laid in bed w/Ben every night, then we'd put her out before we went to bed - such a cuddly, loving, affectionate cat. Keiki will be missed. Below is the last photo we took of her. She had begun teething - yes, she was only 4 months old - and had taken to playing with one of Ally's CareBears. We love you, Keiki!!

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