Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

We attempted to go to the Memphis Zoo (which has just been rated America's #1 Zoo) yesterday and - apparently - we weren't the only ones with this fabulous idea! FYI: On Tuesdays (at 2pm) at the Memphis Zoo, Tennessee residents get in free w/a valid TN driver's license. We met some friends from church early to eat at McDonald's and then we headed toward the zoo. Note that I said "toward" the zoo...The line of traffic was unbelievable!!!! I heard from friends who actually made it inside and they said it was so crowded that they couldn't even see some of the animals in the exhibits. So - we gave up sitting in traffic and went to a nearby park (kids pictured below). I think they managed ok, don't you?? The weather was beautiful (mid 70s) and we're loving it!!

Pictured: Ally, Kayla, & Karlie in front
Jake in the middle
Ben and Savannah in the back
Not pictured: William - can't keep an 18 mo old still!!

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