Friday, May 1, 2009

35 and JOYfully Blessed!

Ok - so my birthday was 2 days ago...but here ya go...
I'd say nothing wakes you up more than hearing your parents sing "Happy Birthday" to you on your 35th Birthday like you're still their little girl. I guess I'm just lucky :) Anyway, since it's my Birthday, thought I'd share these 25 random things about myself that I posted a while ago on Facebook...enJOY!

1. I grew up in "the country" - always had cows, pigs, a garden and dogs/cats everywhere.
2. My grandmother's maiden name was "Hartselle" - The town I grew up in
3. We had a telephone pole in our driveway that MANY people hit w/their cars.
4. Some say I have the talent to BURP well :o
5. I went to MidSouth Youth Camp in Henderson for 7 summers and count those memories as the fondest of my life.
6. I began participating in Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes when I was in the 4th grade. I think it bro't me out of my shell :)
7. My first job was sweeping hair in a small hair salon...that's all I did!!
8. I kept a diary for 3 years when I was in middle school into high school.
9. I worked as a counselor at Space Camp (during college).
10. I started out pursuing a degree in Broadcasting and did the play-by-play on our campus radio for the basketball games for one year.
11. I twisted my ankle in an intramural basketball game DURING HALFTIME in college.
12. After only one date, Cory took me to the hospital when I sprained my ankle. Yeah, he's a keeper.
13. I sing "Jesus, There's Something About That Name" to each of my kids - every night. They can't bat an eye w/out it.
14. My oldest child was born 2 months premature - but you wouldn't know it now!
15. I was almost named "Crystal Gayle Thornton" until my dad had a student named "Joy"
16. I just started sewing 3 years ago and I love it!!
17. I have a recurring dream of an entire city that I've never visited and people I've never met!
18. When adjusting the thermostat, I CANNOT leave it on an odd number - yeah, I'm weird.
19. Even though I was a teacher, I hate using glitter...on anything.
20. I only wash my hair every other day - I got too much hair y'all!!
21. I have a problem holding my bladder - some of y'all know this all too well! So..don't make me laugh!
22. I know all the words to "Baby Got Back" (old FHU days)
23. I'm HUGELY addicted to sunflower seeds, even though my mother thinks it's gross.
24. I love the smell of anything my Mama's cooking.
25.I never tho't I could come up w/25 things..but I guess I did :)

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