Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long Time...No Post - St. Louis/Six Flags

Wow, this summer is flying by! Before we know it, we'll be rushing out the door at 7:45am each morning to get a 4th grader and Kindergartener off to school on time!!

Here are a few pics from our Six Flags/St. Louis vacation. We only took the boys, leaving Ally to stay with Nannie and Papa. They enjoyed having her, saying she is so much like I was as a little girl. We missed our little girl, but enjoyed our precious time with our growing boys. Ben is now tall enough to ride EVERY ride (upon the discretion of a few park workers) and Jake was tall enough to ride even some of the fastest roller coasters. We certainly had a few "Six Flags Days."

This was the view from our room. Jake got some kind of stomach bug on Thursday, so this is how we spent the entire day. Great view, though, huh?

>> Ahhh...the end of a Six Flags Day!!

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