Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Washing Machine Overflow = Bath Renovation!!

Three weeks ago, we began an IMPROMPTU bath renovation. It came as a result of the washing machine overflowing (part broken) and filling our 1/2 bath with water and soaking the carpet, pad, & all the other funk underneath. Of course, like the WILLIAMS we are, we did all the work ourselves. I'll tell ya, I think there just isn't anything my handyman hubby can't do!! One thing's for sure - you never miss a toilet until you don't have one. We managed to have 2 with stomach bugs & potty training Ally with no downstairs potty. Whew!! Aren't we troopers? Enjoy the before & afters...


Andrea said...

I am seriously impressed. We aren't so handy here in the Bishop household. Though I do wish we were! We're considering some renovations soon, maybe I'll get some Joy tips!

Lindy said...

looks totally fabulous!!! Great job!


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