Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Williams Wednesday - Popsicles are our friend!!

Ally is doing great! She was real talkative & friendly all morning at the surgery center. Our dr met with us prior to surgery & even prayed over her with us. What a blessing! She got to pick out a new toy (a Barbie) and then it was time to go through those doors w/out us and she didn't do so well. But, by the time I got back down the hallway to the waiting room, there was a nurse there to tell me she was already asleep & they were getting started...superb care!! The dr came out when he was finished & said the adenoids were "larger than most" (his words) and definitely needed to come out. The tonsils were still very enlarged & had to be cut away from the muscle. So, that alleviated any fears or doubts about having had the surgery done. They also told us to expect some crying or whinyness when she began to wake, but she just woke up, looked at us, and took that new Barbie under her arm & went back to sleep. She sipped on some Sprite and ate a whole popsicle. She even got a bit concerned about some of the other kids who were waking up & crying. We are home now & she is resting well. Thank you for loving her :) Hope you have a great summer!

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Andrea said...

I know it is so hard to see your baby in pain! It breaks a mama's heart. She's going to start feeling great soon though. And all of the sore throats, strep throat, awful colds and sinus infections will be either gone or CONSIDERABLY less!


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