Saturday, April 21, 2012

joyful about baseball

My husband has played baseball his whole life and I know he'd love nothing more than for his boys to enjoy it as much as he does (still). Our oldest son is talented other ways and it's just not his passion. Our middle child might not be the most talented player, but his passion for the game is certainly growing! I just wanted to share some shots I've gotten lately that captures his love of this American tradition.
 Talking to Dad after he got on base
 Props from Daddy

 So disappointed when he strikes out
 This stinker has to PEE everytime he gets on base!
 2 of my boys
 I shot this thru the chain link fence of the dugout. Love how it frames his face.
 His first double!
 On base again...ready to go!
This face just says it all!

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Nicole Estes said...

love it, love it, love it... especially the pee pic :)


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