Friday, June 8, 2012

chalking it up

I originally posted this tutorial here on my blog, but wanted to post it again since our camp is just around the corner and let's just say I'm feeling nostalgic. PLUS, my friend Nicole over at Doodles&Stitches is doing such an awesome job of staying on top of her blogging game, that I've gotta keep up! So, I'm posting this and linking up her to linky party today. Check it out!

A chalkboard for a little more than $1??? Saw this idea a couple of years ago and MY have the kids at our camp LOVED this! It is likely THE most popular craft in the CRAFT HOUSE!

cookie sheet from Dollar Tree

my new secret weapon

do it the "joy way" - slop it on!!
I hot glued ribbon to cover my "sloppiness" on the edges.

2 coats later...and a little houndstooth ribbon and a swoosh of the paint pen...

Ready for game day!

*** NOTE FOR 2nd POST ***
Since doing this cookie sheet, I have used the round pizza pans and they work just as great! However, the other day when I was strolling through Pinterest, I saw THIS idea:

 Images via Pinterest

SUPPOSEDLY, these are *plastic* trays from Dollar Tree...whaaaa? How much you wanna bet that when I walk into MY Dollar Tree, I'm not gonna find it..geeesh.  Anyway, I'm DEFINITELY on the hunt for one o'these babies. Love, love, love the shape of them and love that they are plastic. 

Check back here in the weeks leading up to our camp, as I'll be featuring more items from the CRAFT HOUSE!


Nicole Estes said...

You're too sweet! Thanks for linking up and I LOVE this chalkboard... if it was orange, it would be perfect ;)

Nicole Estes said...

I just pinned it too ;)


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