Wednesday, June 2, 2010

summer journals

This summer I have decided I want to be more 'purposeful' about my time with my kids.  No sitting around watching tv, no mindless trips to the mall, etc. -- BUT -- I want them to have FUN!  So, after a little suggestion from Jake's kindergarten teacher, I've decided to do one "fun" activity each week and have them write journal entries about it.  Last week, I took the boys to see "Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief" (I think the title might be a little longer, but you get the idea).   Ben actually read the book months ago and we celebrated the start of summer with a trip to the $2.50 movie.  When we returned, I had them write in their journals "If I had super powers..."  I was super-amazed at how eager they were to get started.  Having just finished kindergarten, I know that Jake's will be a lot of drawing, but he's done a great job at inventive spelling.  Jake's story is about a man who can turn into a gorilla (he's our monkey boy - loves them).  Ben's story was, as many of his creations, very imaginative!  The highlight of Ben's character is a helmet that translates languages for the character to understand, which also translates his speech so others can understand.  Wow...truly amazed!  Below are pics of both their journals:

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