Monday, June 23, 2008

Cousins' Camp in the RV!!

I just got home from taking the boys - Ben (8) and Jake (4) - to my parents' house so they can take off for "Cousins' Camp." They're going camping with my parents in their RV, along with my brother's 3 girls - Jordan, Brinkley, & Ryleigh - and also my cousin, Kelley. They've done this for 4 years now and my boys look forward to it all year long. Since my brother's family lives in Alabama this is about the only time they get to spend together. They spend all week swimming, riding bikes, playing "chicken foot", watching movies, and wearing Nannie and Papa out!!! I know Mom & Dad will be ready for ANOTHER vacation when this week is over. No joking though - I think they look forward to it as much as the kids do!!

Tshirts I made for the kids to decorate at "Cousins' Camp." Not pictured are Jordan & Kelley - sorry, girls :)


Elizabeth said...

You will never get anything done now! I hope we can come on Friday...the kids get out of camps at noon. Maybe we can come for a few minutes.

Lauryn said...

Thanks Joy - I appreciate you putting a bikini shot of me on here!! :))


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