Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pergola Project Finally Finished

Cory built a pergola for my Birthday/Mother's Day this year and I love it! It's so nice with all the pool parties we have with friends in the summer. We desperately needed some shade out there and all I did was explain what I wanted and his "engineering mind" kicked into gear!
One of my projects was to add some drapes for additional shading. Cory hung the rods for me so all that was left to do was sew up the drapes - easy, right? With the boys gone camping, tho't I'd try tackling some of these sewing projects that have been lying around. I finished 4 pergola drapes in just 2 hours - Is that a record? I'm just always amazed at how quickly I can work when Ally's napping and the boys aren't here in the background screaming, playing, running around, etc. They're good boys - really - just have to watch 'em!! Anyway, below are pictures of the FINISHED project!! And, no, you may not rent my husband to build one for you - ha!

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