Sunday, June 29, 2008

Waaah, My Little Boy is Off to Camp!!!

I cannot believe the time has come for my little boy - my 8 year old, Ben - to go to Sycamore View Youth Camp. SV has held camp in Milan for many years. I haven't been to this one, but have many wonderful memories of all those summers at Mid-South Youth Camp in Henderson. So, I was really excited for Ben to get to experience all that as well. Ben is a very social kid and is always up for trying something new - so, we really didn't worry. He's been asking for the last 24 hours..."How long til we leave for camp?" On the drive there, he helped us look for road signs & following directions and I must say, I think he was more excited about pulling into the camp than when we drove into Six Flags!! All the kids were riding their bikes all around and he couldn't wait to join them. Their cabins are like houses and theirs was actually air conditioned...thanks to their counselors :) Anyway, we signed him in and he was off! Below are some pics - I had to include the blurry one to show you just how he was darting around everywhere, couldn't get a clear picture at all! Then, a picture of him waving goodbye to us - with that big grin on his face. His counselor whose helping with his bike is Russell Wiseman - some of you may know him as the mayor of Arlington, yeah, we know people. Anyway, we'll come back to get him Friday nite and join everyone for a 4th of July Family Celebration with BBQ and Fireworks. I told him I couldn't wait for him to tell me all about it and he said, "Yeah, I'm gonna be talking for days!!" So much like his mother, right?
UPDATE: Ben spent ONE nite at camp and then we got a phone call Monday morning that he had a sore, red throat and needed to be checked for strep. Since I'm staying here in Jackson, I went to get him and, yes, positive for STREP!! We got him on an antibiotic and he was able to return late yesterday afternoon. He was absolutely rarin' to get back. When he hopped out of the car, he saw one of his counselors & some of his friends and said, "Look who's baaaack!" What a kid...

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Nicole said...

awwwwhhhh! Bittersweet, huh?


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