Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boys, Bullfrogs, and "No More Babies"

Here's a picture of the boys' latest "treasure" that they found in the pool. Well, actually Cory found it while cleaning the pool. They later released it into the lake at the park. Don't they look thrilled? Notice how Jake is BARELY touching that ole' thing - hehe.

This is the picture of a true "paci" addict! But the pacis are gone..."pacis are for babies" - Or that's what we're telling Ally. We talked for a day or so about how pacis are for babies and we might need to give them the pacis. We had just visited a friend in the hospital w/a new baby (Baby Noah) and all she has talked about it seeing the babies. So - one night, we rounded 'em up in an old wipes box. We just can't believe how willingly she cooperated. She's had a little trouble settling herself down at naptime and night-time, but we're managing. She's such a "big girl" - or so she's telling US!

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