Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Williams Wednesday

Events of this week:

Ally began potty training ON HER OWN while visiting Nannie's on Monday - promptly went out & bought "big girl" underwear for her. The boys couldn't figure out why we were making such a big deal. They've obviously never changed a diaper.

We entered Ben's cabbage into the Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program contest, with the help of his 4th grade teacher, Ms. Spain. Click the link below & it should take you to the photo gallery of the contest. He is "Ben-TN." He was so excited and amazed at the other entries. Good luck, Ben!

Jake? Well..Jake is just still having fun EVERY DAY drawing and writing. This morning, he took so long getting ready b/c he kept thinking of words that start with "M." He would go into the bathroom and come right back out, "oh..Mom!" and "" and "!" and I said, "And..move it!"

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