Wednesday, September 28, 2011

disney, vinyl, & chores..oh joy!

Guess who's getting excited around here?
My hubby and I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary in June and decided it was about time to take our lil munchkins to DisneyWorld.  I tried & tried to come up with some creative way to tell them and just put too much pressure on myself.  So, we all sat down to 'family movie night' with a surprise dvd and instead just popped in the DVD planning guide and went from there.  Their reactions were a bit delayed and sporatic, but definitely became more excited as they watched the dvd.  The lil princess and I will have breakfast one morning while there with all the Disney princesses and she can talk of nothing else.  I know that we will have such a wonderful time, but BOY is there a lot of planning and preparation involved.  Here are some of the projects I've been working on...

"Treasure" Buckets - Many of our friends have suggested buying lil trinkets, gifts, or toys for the kids PRIOR to the trip, then surprising them with some little souvenir each day INSTEAD of buying the over-priced treasures inside the park.  Shopping? No problem! These are the buckets I'll take to put their treasures in each day. I also like to make little goody bags for long road trips & fill them with snacks, gum, & bottled water or juice. These will come in handy for that as well.

We've also been well-advised to bring water bottles inside the park.  Why not have some personalized ones for me & my old man? The kids have some character themed water bottles that I've already purchased, so had to "Disney-up" some for us.

I realize that the kids will still want to take a little spending money, so here's a new system we've instituted in our house for getting paid for chores and so far, they are knocking each other down to see who can do the next chore around here:
The system is easy. The large jar holds the marbles & each time they do a job, they drop one in.  We just started this morning, so that's why they're pretty much empty.  We haven't come up w/a dollar amount for EACH marble or set of marbles, but they don't seem to care about that yet.  Also, when one of them does something...uhm...less than favorable, a marble can be put BACK into the large jar. 

I read the article in an issue of Family Fun magazine YEARS ago and it just stuck with me.  There are lots of variations out there, just google "chore jar with marbles" and take off! One of my favorite blogs Living Locurto, even offers a free printable for the reward jar! Also, you can find lots of ideas on PINTEREST!!! I just can't say enough about it.  As I've been typing this blog entry, my 4 year old has made up her bed BY HERSELF for the first time AND cleaned her room.  No's spotless! Let's hope the enthusiasm continues.  Have a blessed day!

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Judy Bagwell said...

Love the water bottles! Those will be great in the park. Have fun on your Magical Vacation!!

Krissy said...

What font is that you used for the water bottles? It is perfect Disney!

Joy Williams said...

It is a FREE font called "Disney World," and the Mickey ears are created with the "+" symbol. Here is the link:


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