Saturday, September 3, 2011

joyful bama girl

ROOOOOOLL TIDE..ROLL! I'm a BAMA girl...could you guess that? I grew up in North Alabama and football is, important as God and family..ha! I had to come up with some door decor to show my BAMA PRIDE! Saw these on ETSY and had to try it myself. Did you know you can PAINT burlap???? Oh my..the possibilities are endless.

NON-PICTORIAL TUTORIAL (haha..say that 3 times):  Cut 2 pcs of burlap in the shape that you want, sew together, leaving an opening (like stuffing a pillow). Then stuff like crazy with all those plastic grocery sacks that you have filling up the floor of your pantry (oh..don't you have that problem?). Sew opening closed, then spray paint the whole thing.  Once dry, use an artist brush to detail your project.  I copied some that I found on ETSY and Pinterest. Once your details are dry, finish w/clear polyeurathane to make it stiff & protected.  I cannot WAIT to make some other an owl or a LEGO man head.  Can you tell what my kids' parties are going to be? Also, a big ole polka dotted Christmas ornament would be adorable!!

Also, because I had a little burlap lying around, made a garden flag to go next to the front door.  Who doesn't love burlap? ROLL TIDE!

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sweeter than cupcakes said...

love this! I can't wait to give it a try.


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