Monday, August 15, 2011

joy of discipleship

Last year, I attended my first "Downline Ministries" conference here in Memphis. The 2011 Summit is scheduled for October 28-29 at Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett.  You can get more info on Downline Ministries Summit HERE.

The purpose of the DownLine Women’s Summit is to enlarge the vision of every individual Christ follower for making disciples in any context of their lives and awaken them to their potential to leave a multi-generational legacy for Jesus Christ. By attending this year’s Summit, you will valuable insight into Biblical discipleship and learn how to invest your life wisely in order to leave a multiplying legacy of faith that magnifies the name of Christ to all nations.

What a life-changing experience it was for me!! I am so excited to go back and I just found out that one of my new favorite authors is one of the speakers...Vicki Courtney! She is the author of many books, but my most recent fav is "The 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter." I helped facilitate the study last year at our church with other Moms of girls and was so encouraged & inspired to teach my daughter that she is BEAUTIFUL in God's eyes! I can only imagine what insight she can give us in discipling our children.

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