Saturday, August 20, 2011

joy with vinyl crafting

Having a little fun with my sassy Silhouette...think I'll name her "Sassy."  We have so much fun!
Here are those notebook cases made by Sterilite that I first posted here. Got them at Walmart and couldn't WAIT to "sassy" them up with some vinyl!

Also discovered these little pencil case pretties at Dollar Tree.
The notebook case above and the pencil case below are a gift from my daughter to her friend, Evelyn.  We'll throw in a cute new journal, coloring book, and a box of crayons...VOILA...birthday gifting the JOY way!

 My son's teacher requested some hand sanitizer.  So...maybe she didn't request the GI-NORMOUS size and didn't expect it to be personalized, but...why not??

Also, I first blogged about Sally Henson's "Salon Effects" Nail Strips here. Well, I finally got around to doing mine & my 4 year old daughter's toesies....can you get over the adorable-ness????
My daughter's tiny toesies were a little more difficult, plus the filing made her squirm because she said it tickled.  I told her she should get used to it, because this is just what we girls do :)
Look at the variety of styles they carry.  Hmmm...which ones do you like best?
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Mandee said...

Hey Joy! Love all your vinyl work! Had not thought of putting on the pencil cases! Have lots of those and was going to decorate with paper, but the vinyl will be fun too! Great idea!! Got me some houndstooth for the toes too!


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