Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Just a 'snapshot' of what goes on in our pool. Ally just HAD to try those goggles like her brothers. Don't you know as soon as the picture was taken, those came off very quickly. Don't let her size fool you - Even at 16mos old, as long as she has those floaties on, she can go just about anywhere those boys can.

Also, we got Ben registered for the THIRD GRADE today...Can you believe it? He is very excited and even got to meet his 3rd grade teacher. He approached her with a handshake - my, he's growing up!

CHUCK E. CHEESE's - "Where a Kid can be a Kid"... And 'moms' can talk?
Yesterday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese with some of our friends - Stephanie, Savannah, & William Lee - for our last hoorah before school starts. The kids beg everytime we pass the place and tho't we'd give in...this once. On the way there, I'm explaining that they should stay where I can see them and not talk to strangers, etc. I said to Jake that maybe he should stay with me. He knew that we were meeting "Ms. Stessany" and he said, "No, you moms have to talk." Meaning, he didn't want me following him around. Yikes - My kid knows me too well. Well, we all had a good time, but Stephanie & I agreed that we could NEVER have that job of waiting for the kids to decide what to spend their tickets on...aaagh!

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