Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hangin' out at the Mall

Well, here I am - mother of 3 - and the phrase "Hangin out at the mall" has a whole new meaning. I took Jake & Ally to the mall yesterday around 1:00 - giving us just enough time to eat, walk thru ONE store for me, play in the play area, and visit the Disney store (with no purchases - yay!) - THEN go hop in the 'car rider line' to pick up Ben. It was crazy - but a 'good' crazy - See for youself...

King of the...caterpillar?

Ally wore this slide OUT!!!

PARENTS' NIGHT AT BEN'S SCHOOL...We had the Parents' Meeting w/Ben's teacher tonight. We first met in the cafeteria w/all the other 3rd & 4th grade parents for a short, informative meeting. They mainly wanted to show us what the fundraisers will purchase this year - something called 'clickers.' They are like a little remote for each kid to use in answering teacher's questions. We got to play with them - don't know HOW they'll ever get anything done, keeping the kids from playing with them. Anyway, then we went to Ben's class, sat at his desk, and listened to his teacher introduce herself and give us more info. She's really a 'no-nonsense' kind of teacher - but she admits that her life is her kinda lady! I volunteered to help as room parent again - will have to wait to hear from the teacher. One thing she said that sums up the whole year is "No more baby work!" I can't believe it - but it's time! Good luck to everyone with school this year!!

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