Monday, August 18, 2008

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So, not much going on here...Decided to participate in the clothing sale at Sycamore View this year. I've always purchased, never sold - wow, what a process! After washing, pressing, sorting, and labeling 100 items, I was having Cory help me bring them downstairs and the clothing rack broke!! I truly could've cried! I'm getting these clothes outta the house 2nite! Let's hope I come back with fewer clothes than I'm trying to get out of here (heehee).

I feel like I should come to Ben's teacher's defense - we were misinformed about the 'no homework' policy - That was for LAST week! Of course she gives homework - starting tonite! Sorry Ms. Reid!!!

My sister & baby Mason seem to be doing well, from the info I get in each phone call. I haven't seen them since we left them last Sunday, but hope to get to go on Labor Day weekend. I feel another slideshow coming on...

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