Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This was too cute to not pass along...
Jake's been watching a little too much PBS and, today, has been trying to spell out words he hears. Today I asked what he wanted for lunch and he said, "D-O-K-V...Chips & a sandwich." Oh, how I love bein' a Mommy!

No Homework?
Ben has shared very little info about his new teacher and 3rd grade class (you KNOW he does NOT take after his mother in this way), but he didn't forget to mention that his teacher said she does NOT give homework. We'll see what that means, but for now, he's thrilled! Ben was all smiles walking to the van after school on Monday (picture below). Make sure to take notice of his "3rd grade shoes," which he's learned to tie all by himself. We battled over buying shoes w/laces because he was dying for some kind of shoes that blow air every time you walk (some of you mothers know what I'm talking about). We opted for the REGULAR kinda shoes and he likes them and said, "My feet don't even get hot." I'm relieved, aren't you?

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