Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My middle child, Jake

Oh, to be the kid in the middle of all this...Poor Jakey just doesn't get photographed as much as his big brother who was an only child for a while and his little sister who has grown up in the 'digital age' when we're snapping pics all the time! So, tho't I'd share a few of his very cute & quirky moments. Cory and I have commented to each other lately at how fun he is to be around. He thinks EVERYTHING Cory says is funny (yeah, that used to me too - hehe). And his irresistable moments are those when he surprises me with a "I love you, Mommy" out of nowhere, NEVER forgetting to say "Thank You," and just being so excited all the time to be Ally's big brother, kissing & hugging her. So - here are a few "Jake" moments...

The peppers that Jake asked Cory to plant in our garden that are 'for his teachers'. So, if you're one of Jake's teachers - church or school - hope you like banana peppers!! He's so proud!

Jake is just not the TV watcher that Ben was (and still is). Left on his own, he finds all sorts of things to do & busy himself with. Found Jake like this just yesterday. Sitting on top of the folded treadmill in the sunroom, with this red bucket on his head. I said, "Why are you wearing that red bucket on your head?" He said, "Cuz I like it." What better reason than that?

YAY! Jake is finally eating pancakes! If you've been around us during ANY time we eat - you'll hear this a lot - "Jake....EAT!" This boy has no desire to eat when it's TIME to eat. We've really struggled w/breakfast b/c all he seems to want is Pop-Tarts or honey buns - which he gets at the grandparents' houses. So, he decided he'd try eating pancakes, like Ben has every morning for the past 4 years!!!! He likes them and has decided to call them "Ben-cakes." He wants so bad to "be the size of Ben."

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